A Closer Look at the Amazing Toy Story Mania! Queue

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are sharing some of the best queues at the Disney Parks. Whenever our family visits Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Toy Story Mania! queue is not to be missed.


Toy Story Mania Queue

Toy Story Mania! Queue

Toy Story Mania! opened in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2008 as part of the new Pixar Place area. It is a 4D, midway style ride with virtual carnival games based on the Toy Story movies.

This attraction is very popular. It experiences long stand-by wait times on a daily basis and FastPass+ availability goes quickly.

There is one benefit to waiting in the stand-by line…the amazing queue! It is not an “interactive queue,” like Haunted Mansion or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There are no buttons or touchscreens or any other hands-on activities, but it is still an awesome experience.

Toy Story Mania Queue

From the second you enter the queue, you can see that you are surrounded by toys. The toys are gigantic, as if you are in Andy’s room and you have shrunk down to the size of a small toy.

Toy Story Mania Queue

Toy Story Mania Queue

You walk by a gigantic game of Candy Land and a set of Tinker Toys. If you look closely, you can even see a game of scrabble on the ceiling in one area.

Toy Story Mania Queue

Another area has playing cards, crayons, and even View Master reels. Look up and you can see a checkerboard on the ceiling.

Toy Story Mania QueuePhoto courtesy of Rolling with the Magic

Finally, when you get to the end of the queue, right before the boarding area, you meet Mr. Potato Head. He is an Audio Animatronic figure that talks, sings, and interacts with guests while they wait. He can even remove his own ear!

Like other Walt Disney World attractions with amazing queues, you miss most of it by using the FP+ line. If you are able to get a FP+, by all means use it. But if you ever happen upon a short stand-by wait time, make sure you take advantage of it to see this amazing queue.

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  1. I got to preview this ride before it opened to the public since I was working there at the time. We got to walk through the entire queue without any guests, which was a double win in my book. The level of detail was amazing. And Mr. Potato Head has to be one of my favorite things in Disney…ever.

  2. I love the queue for Toy Story Midway Mania! It is fun and brings on a sense of nostalgia for me, as I grew up playing with toys like ViewFinders and Tinker Toys. I was also able to see Mr. Potato Head actually drop his ear one time, which was pretty funny, as well. Totally unexpected and not supposed to happen!

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