Aladdin Memory Game Free Printable


Disney’s live action Aladdin movie is a wonderful adaptation of the original. But, like many fans, I will always prefer the animated version. After all, this movie is how we were introduced to these wonderful characters. If your child likes the original and enjoys memory games, then go ahead a grab a copy of this Aladdin memory game for you to play together.

Aladdin Memory Game Free Printable

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Aladdin Memory Game

This memory game includes 12 different images from the classic animated Disney movie Aladdin on two pages. Just print out two copies of each page and cut the pieces apart.

What You Will Need

  • Printer Paper and a Printer (Cardstock paper would work best, so that you can’t see the images through the back.)
  • Laminator
  • Laminating Pouches (Laminating is optional, but it does make the pieces last longer)
  • Scissors

How to Play

  • Mix up the pieces and lay them face down on a flat surface. It helps to arrange them in a grid.
  • Take turns flipping over two pieces.
  • If the pieces match, you get to keep them.
  • Keep playing until all the matches have been made.

Aladdin Memory Game

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Clip art for this printable purchased from SoulClipArtsWorld on Etsy.

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