5 Tips for Eating Healthier at Walt Disney World


Eating healthy at Walt Disney World can be a challenge. There are yummy not-so-healthy temptations around every corner, especially at the quick service restaurants. But, if you are determined to try to make some healthier choices, it is possible. Here are 5 very simple tips for eating healthier at Walt Disney World.

5 easy tips for eating healthier at Walt Disney World.

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Eating Healthier at Walt Disney World

If you are planning on eating some of your meals at Walt Disney World quick service restaurants, there are some simple things you can do to eat a little healthier.

1. Choose water instead of soda. Did you know that you can get free water at any quick service restaurant that sells fountain drinks? Well, you can! So choose water sometimes instead of a sugary soda.

You can even bring your own stainless steel water bottle to use. The cast members in the restaurant will not fill it for you, but you can pour the cup of water they give you into it. You can also fill it yourself in the food court of your Walt Disney World Resort hotel. If you are not a fan of the taste of the water, be sure to bring a reusable bottle with a built in filter!

2. Share an entree with someone in your group. Many of the restaurant portions are very big, even at the quick service locations, and sometimes we end up eating more than we really need to eat. So, every once in a while, order an entree or side and share it with a loved one.

3. Order off of the kids menu. Did you know that adults can order off of the kids menu? They sure can! The kids portions are usually smaller and/or come with healthier sides, like grapes or carrot sticks. So order off of the kids menu every now and then.

5 easy tips for eating healthier at Walt Disney World.

4. Choose items from the “Grab and Go” cases at your resort food court. The Grab and Go cases at the hotel resort food courts are a great way to have a healthier small meal or snack. They typically carry fruit cups, yogurt, carrot sticks, hummus, milk, and other items that are somewhat healthier than the other food court offerings.

5. Get to know the quick service menus before you go. Did you know that you can see what is available at every Walt Disney World restaurant online? The official Walt Disney World website has complete menus for the restaurants in the parks and resorts.

Before your trip, browse through the menus and make note of some of the healthier options at the quick service restaurants and then bring those notes with you on your trip. This may take you a little time, but it could save you from making a hasty, unhealthy decision when you are starving while waiting in line to order.


  1. I have been ordering off the kids menu for years at Walt Disney World! I never have a huge appetite at Disney because of the heat. Kids meals keep me sustained without making me feel over full and bloated. It’s a great tip and I totally agree with your post!

  2. We are big meal sharers in my family. It works really well because we can stretch all of our dining plan credits farther, and avoid overeating.

  3. Great tips! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  4. I love eating off the kids menus at quick service restaurants. They are the perfect portion sizes. I have done this even when I have been by myself and no one has ever questioned me. I have also asked for just a hamburger with no sides. And they have always accommodated me.

  5. Just last night, I had a talk with hubby that we will go to Disneyland this year. And I saw this post of yours from Blogging Brags Pinterest Party. Thanks for the tips

  6. Checking things out online first is vital, especially if you have special dietary needs. You can save a lot of time!

  7. Great article. To be honest, even with all the walking I come back a slight bit heavier than when I left LOL The desserts get me every time. We do the dining plan so my only tip is to ask at restaurants for what you would like to eat. I have asked for them to make things that were not on the menu and they were happy to do so (when they could.) The chefs will certainly work with someone who has food allergies. They will sometimes make things for people without allergies as well.

    We Only get water when we are there. I don’t actually care for the water in Florida so we go with bottled as part of our plan.

  8. I almost always split an entrée at the quick service restaurants. The portions at WDW are just too big for me. Great tips!

  9. My family loves the first tip – getting water at the counter service locations. It’s great on a hot summer/early fall day. We sit and drink two cups each before going up and getting a third cup to put into our water bottles and head back into the parks.

    1. This is actually one tip I just learned about. We will definitely be taking advantage of it on our next trip!

  10. Great ideas! We almost always share dishes in our family too. Sometimes we just get two different platters and share between the five of us and it’s a nice way to get some variety as well.

  11. When I found out I can get free water, free ICE water, at any quickserve… It changed my life. I went from trying to be a camel all day to just grabbing cups of ice and cups of water anytime I passed a cart.

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