Disney Princess Reading Logs Free Printable

Reading is so important for children and keeping track of what they read can give them a big sense of accomplishment. Young princess fans need a special Disney printable to keep track of their books. These Disney princess reading logs can help with that.

Free printable Disney princess themed reading logs.

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Disney Princess Reading Logs

This printable pack contains three different reading logs to choose from, featuring popular Disney princesses.

What Is Included

This printable pack includes 3 different reading logs to choose from. Each log includes ten rows, with a place to record the date and title of the book. The last column is a place to record the author (if they are reading an entire book), pages read, or minutes read.

Free printable Disney princess inspired reading logs for kids.

What You Need

  • The Disney Princess Reading Log free printable (scroll to the bottom for the download link).
  • Basic printer paper
  • Something for your child (or an adult) to write with (pencil, crayon, marker, etc.)

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Free printable Disney princess inspired reading logs for kids.

Importance of Reading Logs

When children keep track of what they read, it creates a sense of accomplishment. Often they are required to keep track in the summer or during the school year. If your child loves Disney princesses and can keep track of their reading in their own way, these reading logs would be perfect! It would even be a great way to log the Disney books they read.

Different Types of Reading Logs

The three different types of reading logs meet the different needs of children. Sometimes what they track is decided by school, a library reading program, etc. and sometimes it is completely up to the parent and/or the child.

If your child is young and reads shorter books, tracking books read could be the best option.

If your child is reading longer books that can’t be completed in one sitting, tracking pages read or minutes read might be a better option.

Choose whatever will encourage your child to read and help them to feel successful!

To download this printable, simply click on the link below.

Disney Princess Reading Logs

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